At ANN INC., environmental responsibility is inherent in how we do business, and we are constantly looking for new opportunities to reduce our environmental impact. Our efforts to date are inspired by our clients’ expectations for high environmental standards, and are founded on a commitment to building sustainability into our business. We have also demonstrated, through cost savings and new innovations, that protecting the environment makes good business sense.

ANN INC. is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, an industry-wide group of leading apparel and footwear brands, retailers, suppliers, nonprofits and NGOs working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of the apparel industry. We use the Higg Index to measure sustainability performance and drive improvements within our operations and those of our suppliers.

Our Sustainability Strategy, a multi-year environmental approach that spans our stores, offices, distribution center and supply chain, provides us with a comprehensive approach to managing and improving our performance.

Energy Efficiency
Associate Education & Awareness
Sustainable Management
Sustainable Materials
& External Awareness
We work to minimize our environmental impact by reducing energy use at our stores, offices and distribution center.

•  Our ANN Conserves Energy (ACE) program engages our store associates to conserve energy by providing guidelines for lighting, temperature controls and equipment use.
•  We have upgraded to more efficient lighting and incorporated control systems in many of our stores to ensure we are only using electricity as needed. We also include this technology in our new stores and remodels where possible. We have incorporated control systems in many of our stores to ensure we are only using electricity as needed.
•  Our corporate offices promote energy efficiency and engage associates to conserve through our Green Champions program.
•  We continuously look for new ways to increase energy efficiency at our three data centers. We use ENERGY STAR certified machines and have consolidated the number of physical servers we use.
•  Our Distribution Center in Louisville, Kentucky has significantly reduced its carbon footprint by installing energy efficient lighting and motion sensors.
Our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle programs focus on reducing the amount of waste generated and disposed of throughout our operations.

•  We focus on reducing waste through more efficient use of product packaging, including reducing the amount of plastic used to ship our products.
•  We work to reduce the amount of waste generated by the materials associated with our products wherever possible, and have phased out button bags on our garments and reuse hangers in our stores.
•  We help clients reduce their impact by asking if they prefer less packaging with their purchases.
•  We provide guidelines to corporate associates to raise awareness of waste reduction opportunities and proper recycling techniques.
•  Through our ANNCares360 program, we donate used visual displays and fixtures, as well as office items to charities that support women and children.
•  Our Distribution Center is certified as a Zero Waste Facility by the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council.
•  We reduce waste by sending our fabric window graphics back to our printer who will prepare the fabric for recycling and reuse.
We engage our associates to help ANN INC. reduce its environmental impact. We work to raise awareness of our initiatives and educate our associates about our programs.

•  We provide training to our store associates on our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, including a focus on energy conservation practices through our ACE program.
•  We have created a Green Champions program at our corporate offices to engage associates and promote more sustainable behaviors.
•  Every April we celebrate Earth Month by raising awareness of our accomplishments and providing opportunities for associates to learn how to reduce their impact and donate items to local charities.
We create an organizational structure and align responsibilities to support the implementation of our sustainability strategy.

•  Our global Corporate Social Responsibility department develops and implements the strategy to help ANN INC. achieve its sustainability goals.
•  We conducted an extensive materiality analysis with our stakeholders, including clients, associates and industry partners, to determine the most relevant CSR topic areas to our business and use the outcome to guide our strategic sustainability initiatives.
We focus on driving sustainability when procuring goods for our stores, corporate offices and distribution center.

•  We redesigned our shopping bags to include more sustainable materials, including 40-80% Post Consumer Waste paper.
•  Our marketing materials use Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified paper and recycled material.
•  We have an extensive Restricted Substance List to protect our clients, the environment and the workers who make our products.
•  We incorporate sustainable materials into the designs of our new stores and remodels where possible, including in our lighting, flooring, windows and ceiling tiles.
We focus on enhancing our role in protecting the environment by partnering with our suppliers, malls, industry groups and nonprofit organizations.

•  ResponsiblyANN is our Corporate Social Responsibility reporting website used to communicate our programs to our clients, associates and external stakeholders.
•  We provide our suppliers with sustainability best practices and environmental training seminars.
•  We partner with Good360, a leading nonprofit organization, to donate visual materials and fixtures from our stores and items from our offices to local charities, reducing the amount of waste sent to our landfill and promoting the reuse of our store and office materials.
•  We are a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and are using their tools to drive sustainability within our company and supply chain.
•  We are working with our suppliers to reduce their energy use and water impact, and become more efficient in their operations.
•  We partner with Goodwill® to enable our clients to donate clothing for free using Give Back Box®.
•  We use printers that are certified by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading certification for sustainable print facilities.
•  We partner with the Better Cotton Initiative to protect the environment and improve cotton farming globally.