ANN INC.’s supply chain is a complex network that links together companies and workers from across the globe to provide the materials and labor to make the products our clients love. We strive to incorporate our high standards for social and environmental performance into every step of the process, from responsibly sourcing raw materials to selling the garment at our stores. Our suppliers are expected to drive high-performance standards, and we work only with suppliers that share our commitments and values.

Mills spin and weave raw materials into high-quality fabrics used for our garments.

•  We work with mills to drive responsible sourcing practices and have banned the use of Uzbek Cotton in our fabrics.
•  We are proud to support the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), which exists to promote measurable and continuing improvements for the environment, farming communities and the economies of cotton-producing areas. BCI trains producers to adopt sustainable farming practices that reduce the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and water, while improving social and economic benefits for cotton farmers, small and large, worldwide.
•  We have a robust animal welfare policy in place to guide our raw material selections. We adhere to a strict no fur policy and verify that all faux fur is synthetic.
•  It is critically important to us that the raw materials used in our products are safe for our client’s end use. To protect our clients and the environment, we have a restricted substances list which outlines which chemicals are safe to use in our products.
Factories are where fabrics are cut, sewn, finished and washed to become the beautiful garments that clients purchase in our stores.

We strongly believe that the quality of our products begins with the treatment of the people who manufacture them and the environmental performance of the factories. We have developed a range of activities and programs to continuously drive improved performance.

•  We believe in building long term relationships with our suppliers. We work with 136 suppliers around the world.
•  All factories must be pre-approved in our rigorous approval process and adhere to our Global Supplier Principles and Guidelines. We work with our suppliers to continuously improve facility conditions through monitoring and actively address social compliance issues when they arise.
•  We align our CSR and Sourcing department goals around compliance performance and use our proprietary AT SCALE system to impact business placement.
•  We work with our strategic suppliers to drive social compliance and environmental sustainability improvements through our ANN CONNECTs program.
•  Through our membership in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, we work with factories to use the Higg Index to measure their energy and water impacts, and help them set goals around reductions. We incorporate their performance into our Sourcing Scorecard.
•  Supporting women’s health and empowerment is core to ANN INC.’s values. We have committed to improving the lives of 100,000 women throughout our global supply chain by funding health and financial literacy training through the HERproject.
•  To protect the rights of factory workers, we have strict policies against slavery and human trafficking and the use of sandblasting.
It takes a sophisticated logistics and distribution system to transport our products from the factories to our stores.

We work vigorously to drive an efficient logistics and distribution process and reduce unnecessary energy or waste.

•  Our Distribution Center in Louisville Kentucky is certified as a Zero Waste Facility by the US Zero Waste Business Council and has also made great strides in reducing energy use.
•  We focus on minimizing our emissions during the shipping process, and ship products by boat wherever possible. Our primary trucking vendors are active participants in the EPA’s SmartWay program.
•  We are continuously looking for ways to reduce our cardboard packaging while still protecting our product in the shipping process.
•  We have instituted a number of initiatives that have reduced the amount of plastic we use in packaging. We have decreased the number of garments shipped in individual poly bags and have phased out button bags on our garments where possible.
Our stores are the final step in a garment’s journey to our client.

Our stores represent one of our greatest opportunities to reduce our environmental impacts and contribute to our communities. To capitalize on this, we have launched a number of energy and waste initiatives and are constantly looking for ways to improve our performance.

•  Our store associates are key partners in reducing our environmental impact. We provide training through our program, ANN Conserves Energy (ACE), which encourages our associates to save energy by providing guidelines for lighting, temperature controls and equipment use.
•  We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact at the store level. We have installed energy efficient LED bulbs in over half of our stores and are continuing to reduce waste through our limited use of bags and tissue paper.
•  Through our ANNCares360 program, we partner with Good360, a leading nonprofit organization, to donate marketing materials and fixtures to local charities. This helps us reduce waste and promote the reuse of our store materials, while benefiting the communities in which we do business. ANNCares360 has diverted more than 560,000 pounds of waste from landfills.