Minimizing waste is important to our clients and associates. We work to reduce waste wherever possible, reducing the amount of waste we generate at our offices, through the production process, and also by helping our clients donate their clothing at the end of their use.

To further reduce our waste, we have partnered with an organization committed to circularity and product material reuse. Circularity entails using product materials for as long as possible, then regenerating the materials, thereby keeping them in a circular loop. Through this partnership, we are piloting new innovations around product circularity by creating products from our damaged goods and marketing fabrics; and researching opportunities for a circular approach to some of our product.

We communicate circular lifestyle ideas to our customers to encourage behavior change towards circularity and reducing waste. For example, during Holiday 2017, a window display in our top Lou & Grey stores showcased reused scraps from our production floor deadstock and mailer materials. We provided customers with Do It Yourself training on how to reuse Lou & Grey mailers to make these same holiday decorations.

Read more about how we manage waste at our stores, offices and distribution center, and help our clients reduce their impacts.